Brief description

Goldwork "is the art of giving an artistic value to certain metals known as precious."

The goldsmith's occupation, in its essence and character, was one of the first ones in being born so soon they were formed on the earth the first social groups. When the pleasure for the decoration woke up in the man, inherent to the human condition, the goldsmith was born.
The civil and religious life always and everywhere used the goldwork.
It is an occupation that hardly and without interruption persists throughout the time, with an intact purity that justifies their multisecular prestige. Prestige that is due to the quality of the works and the wealth of the materials that it is served.

In colony times, the families of the high society used matés, trays, cutleries, plates and other pieces carried out in silver.At the end of the XVIII century the decoration of molds were put on fashion.

In the XXI century, the civil platería, even social and economic symbol, continues being perfected and being transmitted to the following generations as historical legacy of our culture.

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