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During the advance of the centuries it was limited the employment of the gold. So, Progressively, this metal was disappearing of the goldsmith´s shops, replaced by the silver that is, after that, the most ductile and malleable of the metals. It is perfectly well welded and it can alloy it with the copper to give him more hardness and resistance.
So that platería is the art of giving artistic and utilitarian value to the silver.

When we speak of platería olavarriense, we refer to the Creole platería. The silversmiths of this area, although they don't reject the possibility to carry out pieces of other characteristics and they have excellent technical and artistic conditions to make them, traditionally they have been devoted to the elaboration of objects like knives, daggers, facones, trails, buckles, matés, spurs, stirrups, muzzles, pretales, coarse...

The Creole Platería, has taken relevance in San Antonio de Areco where the gaucho spirit and their customs remain immortals.

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