Gustavo Stagnaro born in Buenos Aires the 16th of November of 1952, he has lived in San Antonio de Areco since 1974; he has gone experiencing, through the years, the different disciplines of Creole crafts.

Self-taught, learning day by day by probe and mistake, he acquires the skilled handling of the tools and it develops the innate good pleasure and the creativity that characterize their works and that he was purifying through the years.

Because an order of a client he carries out their first work in Silver, ductile metal and noble made in the measure for their creative power (natural gift). The Silversmith is born.

The natural environment, that characterizes San Antonio de Areco where the tradition´s culture is lived every day of the year, allows him to deepen in the roots of the colonial platería, investigating technics and the first Creole goldsmiths' designs.

Of their work bench, silver pieces and Gold are born; trails, knives and matés are used by neighbors of san Antonio de Areco, it glimpsed a personal, new and different style. This fact doesn't escape to visitors that arrive to the district of Areco: who begin to converge assiduously to their shop with special orders: candlesticks, marks, alhajeros, pitchers, cutleries, etc. Puts on prube its creative ability.

The style that leaned out in its first works became a characteristic punch; it is necessary to highlight the carried out works these last years where he has known how to combine the goldwork with noble wood (quebracho and ebony) in exquisite works achieving a perfect and pure balance, imposing their private seal definitively.

Their works transcend the frontiers of our Country, pieces of civil platería and Creole are today in places like Germany, France, Japan, Italy, USA, Spain and even The Vatican.